What Does Public Access to Court Data Really Mean?

The courts are required to make their data available to the public.  That's why it's called public records.  However, the courts aren't under any specific mandate to make those records easily accessible.  Their systems are designed first and foremost to help the courts to manage their enormous case loads.  Making that data easily available is not their top priority.

There are still many court systems that are not technologically adept at making court records available online, and still require the public to request records either by mail or in person.

Unlike the criminal databases, there hasn't been any unified system for civil court records.  To find out someone's civil litigation history, one would have to go through an extensive manual process which entailed checking the courts for each and every county that your subject has lived in.  This assumes that your subject is being truthful about where they have lived.  Or maybe they just don't remember everywhere that they have lived (if they've done quite a bit of moving around).

Another approach is to run a full background check through TLO or IRB or any of the other background check applications, and then go through the courts based on the address findings in those reports.  However, those reports can often be very inaccurate and doesn't take into account that the subject may have lived somewhere where their name was not on the lease or the mortgage.

The process for gathering civil court data has always been tedious and time consuming, taking hours or even days to complete.  What if there were an easier way?  Being able to see civil court records all in one place, or at least knowing where to look would streamline the process and make it more accurate.  What to know how this can be done?  Check out Snap Diligence.

Manual Process for Gathering Court Data

Gathering Court Data

Snap Diligence Process for Gathering Court Data

Snap Diligence Process for Gathering Court Data

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