The Intersection of Sales and Diligence – A Three-part Series

What is the intersection of sales and diligence?   The short answer is connection. Sales is really based on making a connection with a customer and meeting their needs with a product or service that is of value to them.  By intersecting sales and diligence, you are taking your prospecting to the next level by focusing on the quality of your prospects based on their connections.  The best sales leads come the relationships and connections to already happy customers.  To truly understand how to intersect sales and diligence, you need to see how your current customer base is connected to other businesses and their partners.

Intersecting sales and diligence isn’t cross-selling, and it isn’t up-selling.  It isn’t going to replace a system that you’re already using.  This is looking at prospecting from a broader perspective and working smarter by finding connections that are not necessarily elusive, but you do need to know how to find them.  This is also not social media.  While you may have a lot of LinkedIn connections, how many of those connections are really people you know and have a relationship with, and how many are connections that were “suggested” by LinkedIn?

Intersecting sales and diligence uses authoritative information to make the connections, like business ownership data or UCC filings or even civil court records.  And this data, connected with a current customer database can reveal connections that are unknown.  This is the low-hanging fruit of businesses and people already connected to your customer.

This three-part series will discuss how to intersect sales and diligence focusing on quality, rather than quantity in sales prospecting.  It’s about changing your perspective on how you gather data about prospects and how to utilize that data to be more informed about your customer’s needs before you even make the call.

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