Sales & Marketing

Discover Connections

Find your customer's additional businesses and provide your services to those  businesses.  Optimize introductions to their existing business partners and associates.  Get referrals on easy-to-close opportunities.

Authoritative Sources

Our data comes from authoritative sources like state business, UCC and civil court records...not social media.  These sources are a matter of official public record, and thus more reliable than social media.

Customer Analysis Report

We find connections and relationships within your current customer database.  This isn't cross-selling, it's not up-selling. It's discovering new revenue streams that you didn't know existed within your base.

Discover Qualified Leads from Your Exisiting Base

Latent Opportunities are qualified, warm leads that exist in your current customer database, but have yet to be discovered.

Find the Connection, Close the Sale

Our platform will auto-match your customer to associated business and people.  All you need is a person's name and a business to get started.  Let us show you how to expand your sphere of influence beyond your current customers.

Snap Diligence Latent Opportunity Connections

Ready to Take your Prospecting Efforts to the Next Level?

Get access to the full featured research platform and discover more qualified leads, create more opportunities and close more sales.