Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us at Snap Diligence. The following Privacy Policy describes what we do and do not do with information collected from you when you register an account with us.

Our service is designed to illuminate connections between public events that occur over the course of a person or company’s business transactions, but we do not compile or offer personal, private information beyond anything that is already available as a public record. And we do not offer every public record available. For example, Snap Diligence does not provide criminal court data, nor do we provide personal, private financial data.

Your privacy as a Snap Diligence user:

1. Registration and Account Settings: when you register an account with us we collect your name, address, payment details and other identifying information to establish and service your account. Your information is accessible to Snap Diligence and our employees and affiliates only to the extent necessary to service your account. For example, payment information is shared with a trusted third party payment processing company. All affiliate companies working with or for Snap Diligence are also required to maintain strict privacy and security to protect your confidentiality and personal information. We will not share your personal information with any unaffiliated parties beyond our approved affiliates unless otherwise required by law.

2. Billing Information: When you subscribe to Snap Diligence we require you to provide your billing information, including your name, billing address, contact information and payment/financial information corresponding to your method of payment. Snap Diligence uses a trusted third party payment processor. When you submit payment information to us your information is encrypted in transmission. Snap Diligence does not see, store or retain your payment information data on our servers.

3. Technical information and Usage Data: Our web server, application logs, cookies, etc. do keep track of your information when you visit our website, register with us and use our services. The information gathered is used to authenticate users, to remember user settings and to help enhance user experience by allowing us to perform analytics on user interactions with our website. Server log information is automatically reported by your browser or mobile application whenever you access a website. The information collected and contained in the server logs might include your web request, your IP address, the type of browser you are using, which pages you visit on our website, your referring URL (the website you were at before you visited us) and your exit page (where you go next), the date and time of your visit to our website, the number clicks you make, links you visit and typical website visit information logged by most servers. This information is used for our website analytics and is never linked to your personal information.

Usage data may include, but is not limited to: Webpage visits, mouse clicks, log files, IP addresses, operating system, timestamps, device data, application data (which application you are using to access our website), system and performance information, browser type, geolocation if enabled, referral data (if you come to our site from a link on another website), Snap Diligence Privacy Policy information from third parties you permit to share information with us (marketing, surveys, social media accounts you may link to Snap Diligence, etc), and information about page tags (or web beacons) that collect and aggregate data about usage on our website.

We also retain direct information you provide to us such as emails, survey responses, customer help requests, feedback and other means where you choose to send information directly to us.

Snap Diligence retains customer personal data processed by our servers in order to provide our services. We retain this information as necessary to service accounts, comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and to enforce our agreements.

Snap Diligence will only disclose your information when required to do so by law. For example, if subject to a subpoena or other legal proceedings, or if we reasonably believe this action is necessary to comply with the law and reasonable requests by law enforcement, or to protect the security and integrity of our service, or to exercise or protect the rights, property or personal safety of Snap Diligence, our users or others.

4. Storage: Snap Diligence services utilize cloud storage and processing based in the United States. As our service grows and expand, we may shift to using cloud processing and storage services that are based in whole or in part in other countries as needed and without notice, including countries located in the European Union or other regions with laws governing data collection that may differ from U.S. law. Please note that by using Snap Diligence services you are agreeing and consenting to the transfer of information to the United States or to any other country in which Snap Diligence may store and process information and you are agreeing and consenting to Snap Diligence protecting and/or disclosing information about you as a user as described in this Privacy Policy.

5. User Experience: We do not share your user driven search history or search results with other users on Snap Diligence or with anyone else outside of Snap Diligence.

Snap Diligence utilizes some third party services that include behavioral tracking capabilities.

Hubspot Privacy Policy:

Google Analytics.  See their privacy policy here:

6. Private Searches, Private results: Unlike many “people search” services on the internet, Snap Diligence does not provide a means for the results of any searches through our website to be displayed in public. You may choose to print or email a copy of search reports you create with Snap Diligence at your discretion.

7. Uploading Contacts Feature: Snap Diligence offers subscribers the option of uploading your personal contacts to determine where you may have connections to people or businesses you are researching. The uploading feature allows you to control which of your contacts you would like to upload to integrate into your research on Snap Diligence.  Snap Diligence will not use your personal contacts as a marketing list for our own business, nor will we sell or give user provided contact information to third parties. It is very likely the people or businesses in your personal contacts list are already in our database if they are doing business within the continental United States. Contacts you choose to upload to Snap Diligence are matched within our database for YOUR searches to help you confirm information you are seeking or to help reveal information and connections between individuals and businesses you may not have already known. Content you upload is not shared with or accessible to other users of Snap Diligence, except to the extent that improving our algorithm ability to identify connectivity between entities within our database is verified with each confirmation made by all users of Snap Diligence. The source of the additional verification via contact matching is confidential.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. If our Privacy Policy changes in any significant way, Snap Diligence will notify users of the change and the changes will be posted here and the date the changes were made will be noted clearly. This Privacy Policy was last updated on April 26, 2017. For questions about this Privacy Policy or for any other questions about Snap Diligence, please contact us at