Our Story

It all began with a simple question - How to avoid doing business with the "bad guy"?  So we set out to build the first research platform that incorporates civil litigation, Secretary of State and UCC records.  These records from authoritative sources build a more complete picture of an individual's business footprint.  But we didn't want to build a platform that simply aggregates  all of this disparate data, we needed to know the connections and relationships between the people, and their businesses.

The algorithms we built did just that!  What we found is that we had actually built an innovative research platform that not only would help with identifying the "bad guy", it also identifies potential leads and referrals that could be used for prospecting by top sales reps and producers.  Not only can research be done through the platform on individuals and businesses, but we can analyze an entire customer base to discover latent (unknown, yet existing) opportunities that have yet to be tapped.

Our Mission

"Be a DORC"

Discover, Identify and Maximize potential within your customer base

Optimize relationship leverage through key analytics and (mini) data visualization

Rapid growth via full leverage of existing customer relationships

Contribute insight into competitive landscapes through the customer lens



Co-Founder & CEO



Acquisition & Development

Fred Lauckner

Senior Software Developer

Michael Gillam

Senior Software Developer

Trey Jolly

Lead Data Scientist

Malisa Vincenti

Vice President - Marketing


Erin Going

Data Acquisition Analyst

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